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Phlebotomy:  48 hours training beginning May 7, 2018, and meeting each Monday and Wednesday from 12 – 3 p.m. through July 16. (Clinical training hours may vary.)  Cost is $288 plus books and supplies.


You must be present to pay at the first class meeting.


Visit our website for information regarding Gainful Employment and Clery Act compliance: and




Phlebotomy is a highly respected and important medical career.  Phlebotomists, who specialize in drawing blood, work in a variety of healthcare settings including hospitals, clinics, medical group practices, laboratories, and public health facilities.  This 48-hour program will enable you to become a crucial member of a medical team with skills necessary to obtain quality laboratory specimens in a variety of medical settings.  Completing this course will gain you the technical knowledge required to assist you in passing the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) certification examination.  NHA requires that all students who sit for the certification exam have a high school diploma or GED. Passing the course and the certification exam will give you the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a job that requires phlebotomy skills.  Passing a background check may be required.

Bring on First Day of Class

· Proof of immunizations

· Proof of liability insurance

· Proof of current Healthcare Provider level CPR certification

· Textbook — Phlebotomy Simplified (Second Edition) by Diana Garza and Kathleen Becan-McBride.  ISBN:  978-0-13-278432-0.

Other Supplies Needed for the Course

· Scrub suit (solid color, no designs)

· Safety glasses with clear lenses

· Clean athletic shoes or nursing shoes (no mesh tops or open toes)



Classroom and/or clinical hours may vary due to clinical lab requirements.


Cost of the Phlebotomy 48-hour course is $288 plus books and supplies.

Payment in full is due on first course meeting.


Non-credit courses are not eligible to be paid by any form of TCAT-administered financial aid.  You can, however, contact the WIOA or Career Center office in your area to inquire about any available funding.  To find the nearest Tennessee Career Center office, go to and type “career center” in the search box.


All non-credit courses are subject to a 100% required attendance policy.

No refunds will be issued after the start of any course.

The tuition for these courses does not include the cost of the NHA certification examination.  That fee (approximately $115) is paid to the National Healthcareer Association, not to TCAT McMinnville.


Supplemental Information for Phlebotomy Class Applicants

Immunizations Required

· Hepatitis B Series (1 dose required)

· Tetanus (within last 10 years)

· TB Skin Test (can get at most pharmacies)

· All other childhood vaccinations and immunizations


Liability Insurance Info - Go to website

· Select “Get a Quick Quote-Individual”

· Select from the dropdown menu your state, then press “Get Started”.

· Use the dropdown menu to select “Phlebotomist”, check “no” to question that asks “Are you a member of a professional organization?”

· Select “Student” for your status as a healthcare professional, then click “Continue” and choose to apply and pay online OR print out and mail the application and payment.

· Print a copy of your certificate verifying you have obtained liability insurance and bring with you to class to give to instructor.


CPR Certification

CPR Basic Provider certification is required for the course. (Check with Red Cross or local ambulance service if you need training.)



TCAT McMinnville is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education.